URGENT ALERT: RMP-NMR Literacy-Numeracy volunteer teachers abducted by soldiers


Lanao del Sur | RMP-NMR Literacy-Numeracy volunteer teachers abducted by soldiers.

On November 12, 2018, 8:00 AM a composite of 51st and 81st IB PA in four (4) 6×6 vehicles went roving in the community of Sitio Babalayan, Barangay Durongan, Tagoloan 2, Lanao del Sur. Looking for a certain Sultan Jamla and Datu Langi. Both of which are known community leaders.

Four Literacy-Numeracy volunteer teachers of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines-Northern Mindanao Sub-Region namely Tema Namatidong (28), Julius Torregosa (30), Ariel Barluado (22) and Giovanni Solomon (30) were conducting classes on Agriculture and Community Beautification at the time the soldiers came. One of the teachers was able to send a text message advising of the soldiers’ presence. From then on, the volunteers went missing and cannot be contacted. RMP LitNum received an update from Datu Langi stating that the four volunteer teachers were captured by the soldiers and were brought to Marawi City along with Sultan Jamla on the 23rd of November. To date, this has not been confirmed to be true.

The expansion of the Literacy-Numeracy schools was brought about by Moro children in Lanao del Sur not having easy access to basic education. The students would have to walk 2 hours to get to the nearest DepEd school in which they only have two classes a week.

The Literacy-Numeracy schools of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines-Northern Mindanao Sub-Region was one of the components of RMP’s advocacy wing to help the marginalized sector.

Lumad communities does not usually have access to basic education. Thus, literacy is one way to empower the Lumads of Mindanao – to enrich their capability of defending themselves against encroachment and exploitation

This, yet again, is the latest of a string of harassment against RMP-NMR’s LitNum teachers.

Updates to follow.


Source: Rural Missionaries of the Philippines – Northern Mindanao Region

Date: November 25, 2018