On February 8, at around 11:50am, John Thimoty Romero, a teacher of Center for Lumad Advocacy Networking and Services (CLANS) received a call from a suspected state agent. The caller threatened Romero informing him that they know his background, affiliations and his current whereabouts.

The unnamed caller also said that he was dismayed because “it would be a shame to kill someone as smart as you,” and “If I wanted to, I could kill you at any moment.”

The caller also mentioned the participation of Romero at the People’s Camp at the Department of Education – Region XII Office calling for the immediate release of Government Permit to Operate and the condemnation of state-sponsored attacks on schools. He also said that he knows the routes where Romero usually goes during his area visitations.

Romero is the Programs Coordinator of CLANS, a non-government organization that provides education, health and sustainable agriculture services to Lumad communities in Mindanao.


Source: Save Our Schools Network facebook page

Date; February 09, 2019