URGENT ALERT: Lumad child shot by private guards


Lumad child shot by private guards

Aboy Mandaget, a ten-year old Lumad child, was shot by private security forces in Brgy, Kawayan, San Fernando, Bukidnon at around 7am today, November 5. The assailant was identified as “Totung”.

Around twenty (20) armed security guards arrived at the piece of land collectively cultivated by Lumads to grow rice. The guards started destroying the seedlings, prompting the Lumad to defend their crops. The security guards started firing shots at the Lumad and witnesses saw “Totung” fire at Mandaget, hitting the latter on his foot. The boy was rushed to a hospital.

It is important to remember that President Duterte warned famers on occupying unused and barren lands, threatening to shoot them if they do so. And with Martial Law in place in Mindanao, both private and security armed forces are emboldened to carry out this blatant and vicious assault on the Lumad who are just trying to feed their families.

We demand justice for Mandaget, his Lumad community and all victims of this cruel President and his minions.

Kalumbay Regional Lumad Organization is still gathering details and will update this statement.


Raol Kampoan

Datu Jomorito Guaynon
Kalumbay Regional Lumad Organization


Lumad child shot by private guards.

Aboy Mandaget (shown in picture) was rushed to the hospital after the shooting incident on the morning of November 5. His wound was treated but he still needs to undergo surgery to extract the bullet.

Mandaget was shot by private guards of Barangay Kagawad Benie Elumba.

Source: Kalumbay Regional Lumad Organization facebook page

Date: November 5, 2018