The Emperor has no clothes

President Rodrigo Duterte’s new ravings, promising the illegal arrest of critics and the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus has rightly been met with scorn by Filipinos.

First, there is nothing that isn’t already a reality for tens of thousands of Filipinos, from Marawi and other areas of conflict in Mindanao, to rural vales in the Visayas and Luzon and the bloody streets of the national capital. Tens of thousands of poor Filipinos have already been sacrificed in a mad war that has only led to an even bigger trade in narcotics, with the entry of shabu and cocaine shipments worth many billions of pesos. Worse, Duterte’s war has not only failed to arrest and prosecute drug kingpins. It has actually led to rewards for officials responsible for the entry of drugs with no less than Duterte acting as their defender. In the countryside, hundreds of farmers, environmentalists and indigenous peoples have died in the hands of state forces. The latest massacre of 14 farmers in Negros Oriental is the direct result of Duterte’s orders to find a way of expanding martial law nationwide without having to pass through Congress.

Duterte is fully capable of committing the worst human rights violations. He has already proven these in the last three years. Despite his deadly convulsions of rage, the emperor has found that there are limits to fear tactics, as the protest movement against tyranny and his betrayal of national interests has grown bigger and more implacable.

Duterte’s bluster cannot hide desperation at having his pretentions stripped bare. His drug war has been unmasked in a series of videos as just a pretext to allow his family to take control of the narcotics industry. His claim to want development for the countryside, in the Chico River basin and the Kaliwa Dam in the Sierra Madres, even in the Marawi rehabilitation, have been exposed as deals that allow China to grab more of our national patrimony than it already has. Many Filipino Presidents have bowed to foreign masters. But none ever attained the height of Duterte’s slavish behavior towards China. That his liaisons to the Asian giant have also been linked to the drug trade only exposes as a big lie all his claims to be working for the people. No one believes Duterte can ever wage “revolutionary” war. What he will unleash will be nothing short than treason on behalf of a foreign power and criminal syndicates.

The Movement Against Tyranny welcomes the cries of defiance across the political spectrum. Resistance is the only response to a leader who has betrayed his people.

We urge Duterte to stop his theatrics and instead focus on defending himself and his family from accusations that they have earned great wealth from drugs and could turn the Philippines into a narco state. #

Source: Movement Against Tyranny facebook page

Date: April 5, 2019