PRESS STATEMENT: The Red October is the government’s own shadow

October 1, 2018

The Red October is the government’s own shadow

The upsurge of protests does not need any grand plans as a ‘Red October.’ The upsurge has been building up ever since the first blood was spilled in the government’s tokhang operations. The red in this October is the red of the blood of the activists it has killed, the lives destroyed by each bomb dropped to flatten the Islamic City of Marawi, nd all the spilled blood of the victims of martial law.

No one needs to call for an ouster of President Duterte. The crisis of his economic programs, his erratic logic, and his policy to kill everyone against him are enough to show of his unsuitability as the head of a country. The government knows exactly when the support of the people, very hopeful and very strong at the start, had waned. It was when its policies reverted back to the systemic oppression of the poor, once more showing its true core, which serves only the rich and powerful. It killed suspected and accused drug mules, drug users, and small time dealers, but protected the big Drug Lords. It has forced thousands of resource-rich communities out of their lands to satisfy mining, corporate plantation investors. And TRAIN is basically slowly killing everyone else with its consequent inflation rates.

Instead of correcting these errors, the government has busied itself in finding justifications for an even more intensified attack against the people, silencing anyone who dissents.

Now they are trying to craft a narrative pulling together separate incidences that they think fit a destabilization plot. The GenSan 13 – activists and church workers illegally arrested on July 4 this year – has become its whipping boy twice abused. Their computer equipment, now displayed as evidences of the grand plan had been seized illegally from them. Without having been served justice yet for their illegal detention, they now face possible trumped up charges just to satisfy the plotline of the Red October.

The imaginary plots that have been recurring – as shifty as its head – under Duterte’s administration is symptomatic of a government that knows its sins. It cannot move without having to check its back, always wary of its own constituency, always insecure. The government has created its own demon – its self. And it is scared of its shadow.

We condemn the Red October and the further attacks against us and our democratic rights. In the midst of economic and political crisis, there is no other way but to stand our ground and advance peoples’ rights for genuine freedom and democracy.

MAT-NMR | Fr. Roland Abejo 
KALUMBAY | Datu Jomorito Goaynon 
Kabataan | Vennel Chenfoo

Source: Movement Against Tyranny – Northern Mindanao Region facebook page

Date: October 01, 2018