PRESS Statement: On Alamara’s manipulation of Lumad bakwet in Haran – PASAKA

In light of the stories that there are Lumad bakwets allegedly “escaping” from UCCP Haran, we want to clarify some points.
It has been our stand as Lumad bakwet here in Haran to allow Lumad families to go home. We recognize the right of every Lumad and we do not refuse such request.

However, last Saturday, leaders of the Alamara from Kapalong Datu Basing Balanban, Dol-om Tumagsa , Jovelyn Tiklunay, arrived with civilian-clothed soldiers, and forcibly made some families leave Haran over the wall.

After this, another Alamara leadder, Awing Apoga from Talaingod, came over on Sunday and called out the leaders and the bakwet to return to the communities, and warned that more Alamara leaders will come in the next few days.

Even if we want to go home, we are alarmed at how the Alamara, the military, and the state is forcing us to do so.

Even if we want to return to our communities, would there be peace if the Alamara and the military will continue to harass us? This is the very reason why we evacuated from our communities.

In the past four years, we experienced how they harassed and killed our fellow Lumad and students, how they intimidated our students and teachers, how they forced Lumad to surrender and recruit them into the Alamara.

This manipulation cannot cover the root of our displacement, that they want are making way for the plunder of our ancestral land and resources for large-scale mining, plantations, etc.

Our call to the government is to stop militarization in our communities. End Martial Law which has been the reason why the military is placing our communities in a garrison, and disband the Alamara which has divided our communities. #

Source: PASAKA-SMR facebook page

Date: May 20, 2019