Moro Human Rights volunteer shot dead by suspected military agents


Mariam Uy Acob, 43, a local leader of Suara Bangsamoro and paralegal volunteer of Kawagib Moro Human Rights in Maguindanao was shot dead by suspected military agents around 3pm yesterday, September 23, 2018.

Mariam was riding a tricycle on her way home from the town of Mamasapano but when she reached Barangay Tukanalipao, two assailants on board of single motorcycle overtook Mariam’s vehicle and shot her seven times which resulted to her immediate death. She sustained 7 gunshot wounds, one on her chest, stomach, shoulder and the rest on her back.

According to Kawagib paralegals, weeks before her assasination, Mariam shared how she braved death threats while continuing her human rights work. Acob who resides at Brgy. Dapiawan, Datu Saudi Ampatuan in Maguindanao was also a leader of Tindeg Bangsamoro, an organization of Bakwit in Maguindanao and a staunch critic of militarization of Moro communities in the province.

She consistently denounced military airstrikes and the military encampment in their community, notably the 40th infantry battalion of AFP under the 6th infantry division.


HR Alert: 09232018

Date Released: September 24, 2018

Source: Sandugo – Movement of Moro and Indigenous Peoples for Self-Determination Facebook Page