Letter to the Men in Uniform and the Ones wronged by the State

To the men in uniform,

We kept our silence, we insisted for our innocence, and we fought for our right; but what right can we expect from your justice system? None. Sorry if we cannot offer you any money to dismiss the case. Sorry that we do not have any kin that sits in a high position to negotiate with you. Sorry that we only have our honesty and innocence to bring up over and over again.

It is infuriating that my mom is still in your custody because of your planted evidence. Everyday that she spent in your hands is a day taken away from her life and us as her family. i wonder if you ever thought what burden you have given us? What trauma you have given to my toddler brother for witnessing how I, along with my parents were handcuffed in front of him? I wonder what would you feel and how can you ever explain to your own toddler for him to take off all of his clothes because you are searching for drugs. And how can you even handcuffed my physically handicap father and threaten him for asking what our offense was.

As you go home to spend a day with your family, we are hurting because my mother is being detained somewhere far in a prison cell. As you sleep soundly at night, think of us – the children who cry themselves at night for missing a mother. As you receive your compensation for a job well done, think of a father that is struggling to make the ends meet in a household that misses a mother. As you proudly wear your uniform and badge, think of the individuals and families that you have subjected into prejudice for you to hit your performance quota.

What you’ve done is beyond heartbreaking and infuriating, but what can we do? It is heartbreaking that we get to experience this in our lifetime, but I know that we are not the only ones that you have committed wrong. Yes some got it worse specially for those 22,000 plus who got killed by your drug campaign, but that being said does not remove the agony that we are in.

It is infuriating that you robbed us our mother, an innocent that may spend a year or even longer inside the jail for committing nothing.

Shame on you! Shame on you who feed your families, send your kids to school, securing a financial stability through the suffering of innocent civilians! Shame on the likes of you who continue to proudly wear your uniform and badge to sow fear and terror among the people! Shame on you who receives salary from the very people that you victimize! Shame on you who have been slave of your corrupt organization and money!

It is just a matter of time before you get to find another victim, and when that happens – just hope that it wont be you, your family, or any of your kin against your own colleagues.

To those who have been wronged by the state,

You are not alone, we are all victims of the State and its apparatuses in one way or another. And mind you, what happened isn’t destiny, neither bad omen, nor just a bad luck. What happened to you, your family, your kin, to us – is a systematic attack coming from the state and its mercenaries.

It is hard to live these days, so hard and dangerous that any second you may be the next victim. A victim of the wars launched by the administration against drugs, terrorism, corruption, among others, but ended up targeting the civilians.

Yes it is hard, so hard to live in this god-forsaken place these days. So hard that every day we witness injustices and fear dimming the light of our nation. It is so hard to live in a society that is run by the bureaucrats and armed personnel who forgot their duty to the people. It is so hard to live everyday knowing that the people in power are also the ones launching the relentless, remorseless, and heartless arrests and killings from the countryside down to the urban centers.

But we cannot let them win; we shall not allow them to continue their heartless and remorseless attacks against the people. We need to speak out and be with the vast majority of the oppressed and exploited people to fight this system. We have nothing more to lose other than our fears and doubts towards changing this oppressive system with a much better one. Speak out, fight this tyranny and dictatorship!

League of Filipino Students-Northern Mindanao

Source: League of Filipino Students – Northern Mindanao Region

Date: August 12, 2018