Intensifying Crackdown of dissenting Organizations, Individuals in Northern Mindanao


KARAPATAN-Northern Mindanao condemns the utter disregard of the 4iD Phil Army in the region, particualry by Cpt. Lorefel Jundaya, Intel Officer 1st Special Forces Battalion for human rights, launching the veiled crackdown and arrest of Gloria Jandayan (63) and Gleceria Balangiao (38) earlier today, at Brgy. Macabalan, Cagayan de Oro City. The 4Id 1st SF of the 8th Infantry Battalion have created yet another human rights violations against the peoplein Northern Mindanao.

For the safety of the two individuals, the baranggay has requested an agreement to be signed that the two be returned within 24 hours, after the investigation. However, history and experiences of those requested for investigation were never returned on time, and either slapped with trumped up charges or presented as rebel surrenderees. Worse be planted with guns, explosives as what they have done with Lumad leader Datu Jomorito Goaynon and Peasant leader Ireneo Udarbe who were arrested the previous month; and MOFA members Gerry, Gerald and others being waved as “NPA leaders.” Children were pointed with weapons to silence the assertion of MOFA 4 of their rights. The children were also deprived of the parents and relatives’ presence.

Gloria is a common personality in Macabalan as she worked as a Health Worker in their baranggay for decades. Glyceria on the other hand is a volunteer staff lay worker of Rural Missionaries of the Philippines impleeting which facilitates programs and aid in far-flung areas hardly reached by the government.

These events are lucid followups from Duterte’s directive to proceed with the crackdown on the progressive organizations, whom he accused as legal communist fronts. Under Duterte’s administration, hundreds of activists’ lives were pitted to grave and in prison. This atmosphere of utter disregard for human rights renders people like Gloria and Glyceria vulnerable to such attacks.

As 1st SF, 8th IB of the 4th ID continue to escalate its attacks against human rights defenders, the people are called to unite against human rights violations, and to condemn these atrocities that they have committed. The 4th ID should release Gloria and Glyceria immediately, including CDO2 and MOFA4.

We pose a challenge for the Regional Peace and Order Council Chairman Mayor Oscar Moreno to be alarmed and respond to these unchecked human rights violations happening in his backyard. As the Father of Cagayan de Oro City, it is your very task to protect those well within your vicinity. These events are more than sufficient to turn against the ‘non-existence of human rights violations under Martial Law.

We also call on the various government rights bodies, such and the Commission on Human Rights, churches advocating for the rights and welfare of the Filipino people to investigate and unite against the rising abuse machinized by the Martial Law implemented by Rodrigo Duterte. Silence and indifference today, could never help the victims of human rights abuse, only helping those who propagates terror and fear for the people.


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Rev. Fr. Allan Khen Apus
Karapatan – Northern Mindanao Region

Source: Karapatan – Norther Mindanao Region

Date: February 11, 2019