Another RMP-NMR Staff receives threats

Another RMP-NMR Staff receives threats

A staff of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines-Northern Mindanao Sub-Region (RMP-NMR) received malicious text messages from an unknown number yesterday afternnon. This follows the arbitrary detention of Gleceria Balanguiao, another RMP-NMR staff, and her mother Gloria Jandayan of Gabriela Women’s Party yesterday morning.

The RMP-NMR lay worker (name withheld upon request) received four messages from mobile number 09061540493. The sender of the messages kept referring to the lay worker as Tagalog. The messages, all in Filipino , are freely translated as follows:

“Tagalog, one of your colleagues (kasama) has been arrested, aren’t you going to respond?”

“You have been missing here in Cagayan Tagalog ha ha ha”

“Why did you even go to Mindanao? You are Tagalog and should not have meddled here. You are quick to make enemies.”

“Tagalog, if you want to join the media, just don’t do it with the NPA”

RMP-NMR, true to its message of Love that is Real and Active, has lent its voice in calling out abuses against the rural poor. It has joined hands with the farmers, the indigenous communities, the academe, religious formations, and other sectors of society in promoting human rights and the fulfillment of human dignity through its various programs and services.

And it will continue to do so despite repeated attacks against it by those threatened with the unified voices of the oppressed.

We call on the faithful to lend their support in calling out these types of harassment and intimidation against human rights defenders. Let us continue the good fight in supporting each other against the enemies of truth, peace and justice.

(Photo taken during a fact finding and relief mission in Agusan del Norte)

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Sr. Emma Cupin, MSM
Rural Missionaries of the Philippines – Northern Mindanao Sub-Region

Source: Rural Missionaries of the Philippines – Northern Mindanao Region

Date: February 12, 2019